We are frequently asked, “What should we be doing for our fifty hours of driving with our child?”

The Law states you must drive a total of 50 hours with a parent or legal guardian. 10 of these hours must be at night. These hours do not include the 8 hours spent with a driving instructor.

We would appreciate you driving them enough to make them comfortable on the road to get them to the point they stay in their lanes and make turns somewhat smoothly.

You might want to start in a large empty parking lot with stops, starts, turns, backing, and parking. Then find a back road to go over road positions, turning under power and from a stop, stopping at stop signs, and slowing for curves. Try some small city driving, stop lights, left turns with oncoming traffic, and merging onto freeways at a slow time. If you don’t spend a great deal of time doing this we must spend our 8 hours going over it. We can’t do what we would like which is getting the student into high traffic situations and freeway or large city driving.

Our 8 hours cannot go nearly as far as your 50 hours to give the confidence and expertise needed to make your child a good and safe driver.